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Ramey AFB Map Bonanza !!!

A gentleman by the name of Joseph Laws contacted the Association, thru our website, to mention he had a map of Ramey AFB he would like to donate to the Museum

Grass Cutting Area of Ramey Air Force Base 1952

Joseph stated the map was designated as a “Grass Cutting Areas” map


Map illustrates Ramey AFB as established in August 22, 1951

When we received the map we were utterly speechless. The map illustrates Ramey AFB, as established, 22 August 1951


Ramey Air Force Base 1951

The map is priceless and has provided an incredible wealth of information


Map of Ammo Storage, Ramey Air Force Base 1951

A mundane titled map, a not so mundane information


Map of Radio Beacon, Ramey Air Force Base 1951

We have been able to “fill in” many blanks and better understand other information from that period of time

Donations have made what the Museum has become today. They are invaluable in the advancement and future of the Museum

Thanks for the piece of history Joseph


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  1. Lori Mischke 23 Oct ’11 at 12:16 am #

    Love the pictures of the maps! Excellent detail. Wow, this was a wonderful donation. Thank you, Thank you Mr. Joseph Laws :-)

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