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Aircraft Restoration

This will be the RAFBHA first aircraft to be displayed at the Museum facilities, a 1956 Beechcraft D-50 “Twin Bonanza”.

The D-50 was donated to the RAFBHA by Enrique Albertorio of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The Albertorio Family has 40 years of aviation history in the Island. We are in debt to Enrique for his donation and we will continue to honor his devotion to aviation

The Twin Bonanza was used as a liaison aircraft by the USAF, Army and the Navy. The Cessna U-2 “Blue Canoe” was more often seen at Ramey AFB but non exist on the Island let alone be available for donation.

She will be restored for static display in “Cold War’ blue with white trim. As you can see we could use your help. We are missing a cowling which we continue to search for.

If you choose to help out on this project you can send a donation to the “shortcut” indicated. All donations are tax deductible and will be very much appreciated.

You can see a “slideshow” of the D-50 transportation to the Museum facilities in the next tab.

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Help us restore the 1956 Beechcraft D-50 “Twin Bonanza” by making a donation. Please click on the “Donate” button below:

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